New Website...and go!

Ok, so I guess I should acknowledge the fact that I haven't written a post in awhile.  Like a long time actually.  

Well, I'm starting to write again for my blog.  I've been successfully counseling and enjoying my job as a psychology teacher at Full Sail University.  I teach a fun class called Psychology Of Play.  (As the name implies, it's a class about having fun.)  

Barnett Therapy Services LLC is the parent company of the website for "Billy The Counselor."  The business is growing rapidly.  Lauren is very busy with her speech therapy role in the business, and I've been counseling in the times when I am not busy with Full Sail classes.  I originally started this blog as a reference tool for my clients.  I feel like the blog is a good service to provide my clients.  I often recommend my clients to come back to the blog when they feel like they need to review a concept.  I like to let them know that many of the psycho-educational topics we cover in counseling are here for them to research on the blog.  

I am excited about getting a dedicated website with the blog for "Billy The Counselor."  I will be updating the blog from time to time with posts that I hope will continue to be helpful.  

Stay tuned...