Should I Find A Counselor?

Are you struggling with the idea of finding a counselor or a therapist? The idea of seeking out the help of a professional counselor can be an unsettling experience. Part of the problem is the history of psychology. Most of us have some idea about what psychology is about, because our society glances over the field in our education and our media. I know that I was definitely scared away from psychology for a long time. I remember being in college and signing up to be a “research participant” for extra credit in my undergraduate classes. (I needed a lot of extra credit.)

Psychology has been a field of diagnosing mental health disorders for a long time. But more recently, there is a push towards Positive Psychology, Self-Improvement and Professional Coaching as a way of reaching a higher level of functioning in our various life activities.

So with the idea that there is more than one way to look at counseling, I would like to encourage you to do your research in finding a counselor. I made this video as a way to encourage you to start the process.